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Mizu is now Kubeshark!

Mizu is no longer under the umbrella of UP9. It is now actively developed and maintained by individuals from the same team that originally developed it

Mizu - the API traffic viewer for Kuberenetes, was originally developed by UP9 and then open sourced at the end of 2021.

My name is Alon Girmonsky, I’m one of the maintainers of Kubeshark (fka Mizu) and I am also one of the co-founder of UP9.

UP9 was building an autonomous testing product that attempted to infer API tests from API traffic, a holy grail for many testing professionals. As part of that journey, we realized that gaining access to API traffic was quite challenging. As we had to have this capability, we developed it with a significant investment to make it work in large-scale production clusters with minimal impact on performance.

When we realized many others can use the same capability, we decided to contribute the technology to open source as a standalone project. The project name was Mizu.

Earlier in 2022, UP9 had started to go through a significant strategic shift that is still in play. Since this shift has started, prioritizing investment in Mizu was challenging.

Lately we decided to spin off the open source project (fka Mizu) and assign a dedicated core team that can focus solely on the project, developing new features and supporting its users.

The project is no longer under the umbrella of UP9. It is now actively developed and maintained by individuals from the same team that originally developed it, sponsored in part by yours truly :).

Why the name change?

To recognize that the project now has a new home, we decided to change the project name and from now on, Mizu is Kubeshark.

We wanted to give the project its own identity, repository, its own dedicated username on places like GitHub and DockerHub. We also wanted to make it easy to find when searching for it.

Why the name Kubeshark?

We loved using Wireshark back in the day. Kubeshark is like Wireshark re-born for Kubernetes.

What does it mean going forward?

As a standalone project, the core team can focus solely on Kubeshark. We are committed to accelerating the pace of development and providing best-in-class support. These are the areas we plan to focus on in the near term:

  • Comprehensive, real time and historical retrospective traffic visibility
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability and security
  • Extensibility

Change of the namespaces

The GitHub repository is transferred from up9inc/mizu to kubeshark/kubeshark. It means that everything related to the GitHub repository is moved to a different repo including the issue tracker, pull requests and releases. All that without any data loss.

We now use kubeshark/kubeshark image on Docker Hub instead of up9inc/mizu. The old image will be available forever.

Change of the website and the domain name

We changed the project website’s domain name from getmizu.io to kubeshark.co. The documentation can now be found in docs.kubeshark.co.

Change in development processes

Going forward we’ll be using GitHub issues section to discuss feature requests, bug fixes and development in general.

We are aiming to refactor the codebase, reduce the bloat of features, reconsider some of the old design decisions, reduce the technical debt and improve the overall code quality. We plan for this work to translate to a far better software quality and the user experience.

Better and quicker support

We have opened a Slack workspace and a Discord server that are dedicated for Kubeshark which serves as a medium of quick support requests.

How can you help and get involved

Use-cases: Any feedback about use-cases you believe Kubershark can be of value will be highly appreciated.

Code contributions: We will be happy to work with any one who would like to contribute their code. We’ll make sure any contribution is well acknowledged and used by many.

Sponsoreships and partnerships: Please let us know if you’d like to sponsor custom development that you believe can be beneficial to your business.

Final remarks

We were introduced to the concept of Kubeshark while we were trying to evangelise a completely different vision.

As a repeat entrepreneur, I came to appreciate concepts and visions that are introduced by real users experiencing real use-cases and found them to be by far more interesting than anything you come up with by yourself.

Kubeshark is such a concept and we are committed to seeing it grow.

Alon Girmonsky.