The API Traffic Analyzer for kubernetes

Real-time Kubernetes protocol-level visibility, capturing and monitoring all traffic going in, out and across containers, pods, namespaces, nodes and clusters.

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How to deploy Kubeshark?

Kubeshark Filtering Example

kubernetesnetwork is a blindspot

Investigation & API Debugging

Gain protocol-level visibility into K8s' internal network across all parts of the cluster.

Refine your investigation using a rich query language.

Unravel the intricate web of relationships with an identity-aware service map.

Traffic Recording & Offline Investigation

Stop holding your breath while waiting for symptoms to appear as you watch.

Capture the last hour/day/week of selected pods' traffic and create immutable snapshots.

Conduct your investigation offline at your discretion using Kubeshark's dashboard in conjunction with the rest of your observability stack.

Detection Engineering & Telemetry

Detect suspicious network behaviors in real-time.

Trigger alerts and stream network metrics and schema-free documents to your preferred telemetry or log aggregation application.

Create custom logic scripts in conjunction with OSI L4/L7 hooks.

Get going in < 60 seconds

What are people saying about Kubeshark

The Must Have Tool for Devops & SREs

Alex Jones from Canonical describes why Kubeshark is a must have tool for Devops and SREs, and provides a brief history of Wireshark and the importance of network analysis.

Understand Traffic Flow in K8s

Abhishek Veeramalla from Red Hat uses Kubeshark to demonstrate how traffic is flowing in K8s as part of a complete DevOps course.