Actionable Network Observability

Investigate K8s traffic and debug your APIs in real-time, detect suspicious network behaviors, trigger alerts, stream metrics, logs and network traces (PCAPs).



Apache License.


Investigation & API Debugging

  • Real-time protocol-level visibility
  • UDP, TCP, DNS, TLS, mTLS, REST, gRPC, GraphQL, WebSocket, Redis, RabbitMQ and Kafka
  • Dashboard with a rich query language
  • Identity-aware service map
  • Scripting, L4/L7 hooks, helpers and jobs
  • Dashboard alerts
  • 100% on-prem


FREEwhile in beta

In the future we plan to charge $20/node/month with a free-tier of 3 nodes.

Start Now (Free, No CC)

Actionable Detection, Cloud Forensics and Observability

  • Trigger real-time alerts
  • Export metrics, logs and network traces (PCAPs)
  • Integrations
  • InfluxDB and Grafana
  • Elasticsearch
  • AWS S3 and Slack
  • Webhooks
  • Priority support

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